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The Present of the Department of Slavonic Studies

The department is divided into three sections – Polish philology, Russian philology and Ukrainian philology. The staff consists of 16 people (4 in the Polish studies section, 9 in the Russian studies section and 3 in the Ukrainian studies section): including 3 professors (for comparative Slavonic philology, Russian literature and Ukrainian language); 3 associate professors (for comparative Slavonic philology and Russian literature), 6 assistant professors, 1 college tutor and 3 lecturers.

The department has enrolled 358 students in the academic year 2016–2017, including 81 students in the Polish section, 256 in the Russian section and 21 in the Ukrainian section.

The department provides its students with lectures on Polish, Russian and Ukrainian philology within accredited two-field and one-field study programmes in the form of bachelor’s and follow-up master’s full-time studies.
The department of Slavonic studies has accredited doctoral study programmes in the area of Russian linguistics, Russian literature and Comparative Slavonic philology. There are 20 doctoral students in Comparative Slavonic philology, 12 doctoral students in Russian linguistics and 4 doctoral students in Russian literature.

The department also provides lessons of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian as a foreign language within the Philosophical Faculty; in the 2016–2017 academic year, this includes approximately 200 students.

The department also provides exams in Polish and Russian as a foreign language within the doctoral studies of students at Palacky University, other universities in the Czech Republic and also in Slovakia and Poland.

From 1968 to 2007, the department of Russian Studies, later known as the department of Slavonic Studies, published the annual ROSSICA OLOMUCENSIA, with the number of copies reaching 52. Since 2008, a scholarly reviewed journal called Rossica Olomucensia has been published (as a part of the series Rossica Olomucensia) – a journal for Russian and Slavonic philology (twice a year) and also a Collection of contributions from the international conference The Olomouc Days of Russian Studies which were organised for the first time in 1976. The twenty-fourth ODRS conference will be held in 2017.

A much younger affiliated conference is Olomouc Symposium of Ukrainian Studies which has been held since 2001, and the eighth conference took place in 2016. The conference contributions were published in the Ucrainica proceedings.

The members of the department also actively publish their works, participating in domestic and foreign conferences. Apart from individual monographs, these works also include a wide range of study materials for students.

The international contacts of the department are listed under particular sections.

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